Dragon Legend Cruise in Vietnam

Mom, Dad and I went on a 3 day cruise in Halong Bay, Vietnam. Halong Bay has over 2000 small islands that used to be the ocean floor. Tectonic plates pushed them up 510 million years ago! Only 700 out of 2000 islands are named. The people who live in Halong Bay do not live on the islands, they live in floating villages on house boats. Their houses are as big as a small sail boat and have about five people living in them. Everyone also has a dog on the boat to keep watch in the night. The kids don’t go to school. They help their parents catch fish for a living.

The ship we were on was gorgeous and had four decks. There were 50 guests and about 30 staff. At the top of the ship there were sun chairs where you could relax in the sun. There were two dinning rooms – one inside and one outside. My room was gorgeous! My bed was so comfortable! In the day, we stopped at caves and walked around being careful not to hit our heads on stalactites. We took day trips to shore and swam in the water. Swimming was so fun because when you were playing in the water, you had an amazing view of lots of islands in the distance.

I made three new friends – two are from Sydney, Australia. They are named Archie and Annabel. They are both super fun and unbelievably kind. Archie is in 6th grade and Annabel is in 10th. I also made a new friend from Mauritius, an island near Madagascar, Africa. Her name is Noa. She is sweet and very friendly. I loved spending time with all of them and really hope to see them all again.


3 thoughts on “Dragon Legend Cruise in Vietnam

  1. Great posts! It was lots of fun meeting you, can’t believe we bumped into each other again. I really had fun playing on the boat with you.


    1. Thanks Noa! I’m also glad I saw you in Hanoi! I realized I spelled your name wrong on the blog, sorry! I corrected it. Miss you! It’s great to have friends around the world! Let’s stay in touch!


  2. Hi, hope you had a wonderful time in your travels around the world . Hope your enjoying normal life again x


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