Buddhist Temples

Mom, Dad and I have seen so many temples in Southeast Asia. Religion is a very big part of the Asian culture. Most people in Thailand and Vietnam are Buddhist, so they have tons of Buddhist temples. Buddha’s real name is Siddhartha Gautama. He was born around 500 B.C. and became enlightened under a Bodhi tree.

There are many diffferent sizes of temples and you can see them everywhere – off the highway, on the side of buildings, on street corners and in the middle of fields. All the temples are incredibly detailed and carved so precisely. Some are huge buildings and others are as small as a microwave and fit in a corner of a store or restaurant.

When you go inside a big temple, women have to have their knees and shoulders covered and everyone has to take their shoes off. There are no pews or chairs inside, so you just sit on the floor. You cannot have your feet facing the altar, so you have to sit cross-legged or on your heels.

In the big temples there are huge statues of Buddha on the altar with tons of small Buddhas around the big one. Every temple we went into the color scheme was gold and red. Sometimes people were very quiet in the temple and other times people would chant together. People would also bow their head to the ground while praying.




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