Last Stop – Bangkok, Thailand

Mom, Dad and I made it to Bangkok, Thailand. This is the last city in  our travel year. Bangkok is a huge city and is the capital of Thailand. There are over 8 million people living in Bangkok. King Rama IX died over a year and a half ago at age 88. Everyday, 45 thousand people dress in black and go to the Grand Palace and sit in mourning for him. Most people loved King Rama IX – there are huge pictures of him everywhere! The soon-to-be new king (his son, Rama X)  will step onto the throne this October. If you publicly criticize the king, you can be thrown in jail!

We went to many temples in Bangkok and one of my favorites was called Wat Pho, the Reclining Buddha. It is a giant gold Buddha lying on its side and is about half a football field long! We also went to the Grand Palace where the kings of Thailand lived until the mid-1900s. The palace is a popular tourist attraction. I loved all the detail put into every part of the palace. It was so colorful! Inside one of the temples near the palace there was a small emerald Buddha on top of a huge pile of carved stone.

On the last night of our trip we took a small dinner boat cruise down the river that cuts through the middle of Bangkok. The food was amazing! The boat was very nice and there was a nice breeze while we floated down the river. There were about ten other tables and the cruise lasted two hours. The cruise was at night so we could see the city lights from the water. It was a magical way to end our adventure year!

Stay tuned for my final blog post in the next few days.


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